Karyn White Seizes the Decade with a new Album Release

Karyn White's "Carpe Diem" Seizes the Decade
Amazing Album from Karyn White

Still adjusting to an emotional performance Karyn White gave over the weekend of March 1st – 3rd in San Francisco California and had a chance to purchase the Album Carpe Diem. And before I get into my opinion of this album, I would like to thank Ms. White for making this long awaited comeback to this industry after 17 years. It’s a brave new world in music, and it sounds like the adjustment is just as fine as ever. As a person who appreciates music, and the art of it, this is by far some of the best work of putting together songs, and moments I have ever listened to in my 30+ years being on this planet.
Track 1Sista Sista” is an anthem for the ladies of all ages, races, body types, and personalities. This song is also for the men out here to listen to as well, and a mans point of view is to strictly pay attention to, not putting an emphasis on material things, and more. K-Dub (Karyn White) said it on this track when she tells the ladies “Aint nobody trippin…by what you got on.” Karyn does a wonderful job of painting a picture of unity, and the need for it amongst the women, and also for the men to pay attention to the strength that the ladies can display if self love reigns supreme. Track 2Dance Floor” makes a person like me, want to get up an dance. I can do very little dancing, but the up tempo sound rivals anything being played in the clubs right now. The hook is catchy “What goes up….must come down….on the dance floor.” There’s so many moments made on this track that stands out, and it gives you a care-free vibe, and it’s a throwback feeling that’s fused nicely into the year 2012 and beyond. You can create many many Dance Floor moments for years to come with a song like this. Track 3 “Its Hot” brought out that classic “Funky” aka “Fonky” sound. Again a nice fusion of sensual, seductive, mixed in with something that will get the average person out of there seat to dance and grind to. The rap by J. Ali kept the vibe turned up all the way with a nice flow attached to the rhymes. Track 4Soo Weak” Puts any man into a trance by the beautiful and once again very seductive style of how K. Dub expresses herself on this song. Again, Karyn paints an amazing picture, which a lover of music and a lover period would appreciate. So Weak is very passionate, and is one of those ultimate “make love” tracks that will grab instant replays. Track 5My heart cries” is a very emotional song, and if you pay close attention, you’ll be able to capture a moment in time when you have experienced a feeling of having love rise so high, and fall so hard. “My heart cries….a river to you….help me I’m drowning in sadness” Powerful song of emotion because it reminds me of being that man crying a river of tears and being stranded in sadness.  Salute for Ms. White for once again painting a perfect picture. Track 6Unbreakable” Raises a bar only Karyn will be able to reach. I have no favorite songs, but this one tugs on the heart strings a little more. “Running from the truth….is catchin up to you…..”  & “You broke my love to pieces with all the games you played” I’ve been through the heartache  of painful relationships, and this songs brings back a ton of memories, but also gives empowerment of surviving it because the heart may hurt…..but its unbreakable. Simply amazing. Track 7True Colors” a remake of Cindi Lauper’s classic song and was remade the Karyn White way, and very inspiring that passion for music still has a place in the music industry. I encourage all to listen to this daily. I get more inspiration hearing this voice daily. Track 8 “Seize the Day” (Carpe Diem) very up tempo, and memorable, and another track you can play back over and over. Karyn has never sounded better. Track 9 “Heaven” Expresses not just a nice sound and vocals by Karyn, but also explains about resurrecting a new love that was sent from heaven, and it doesn’t get any better in expressing it through the voice of an angel. (Karyn White) Track 10Sista Sista” (Acoustic) Gives a personal touch to this song that track 1 was different from. The acoustic sounds on this track makes me feel like Karyn is not just singing with her God given talent, but also feels like she’s talking to me, and to you one on one…..very personal, and remains very powerful.

Overall: Not only am I impressed, I’m also in awe because I didn’t think anyone can come back after 17 years, and sound as more passionate, and vocally driven. I’ve listened to music for a long time, and through songs, and more I have a personal attachment of appreciation and respect for Karyn White. The Artist, and more importantly the person. This is by far the best selection of songs I’ve ever listened to, and more importantly this is a blue print of how soul music should be displayed. Songs of empowerment, songs to make you dance, songs to make you shed a tear, and also songs to make love to. Ms. White’s voice is just as powerful, and I’ve heard the classic hits like “Superwoman” “Can I Stay with You” "Love Saw It" and more, but I’ve also just witnessed a rebirth of new music from Karyn I will be listening to 50 years from now. Hat’s off to a successful resurrection, but it’s not really a resurrection. It more of an extension of an already lengthy legacy.

You can purchase “Carpe Diem” (Seize the Day)
By going to www.karynwhite.me HERE


  1. Anyone who likes this album has got to be crazy. It's a horrible album. The first single is dreadful as well. For someone who has been gone for 17 years, you would think they would come out on fire. Her music is just like it was when she left. Not good enough to measure up to Whitney, Mariah, Mary J., Toni and Janet.

  2. I'm gonna have to disagree with you @Ameeraspeaks This is probably one of the best albums I heard so far in the year 2012. She's Karyn and she's not trying to be the next Whitney, Mariah, or any other women that's on your list. She made it in this industry because she was different and I love the fact that she is different from all of them. She had MAJOR artist back in the day trying to re-make HER song. That's how good she is. This is so good, I can't choose a favorite song because all these songs are good in there own lane. I love this album. 10/10 for me.

  3. I agree with @Billie: When it comes to albums i look for and listen to the story that's being painted on music canvas. Karyn did that with her Carpe Diem, and by far its a powerful album due to the messages shes singing about. The album has direction, it has production, and on top of it all, each song tells a story, and Karyn's voice is amazing still. And thats lacking in music today. Stability in music is what Karyn gave us, and this by far has to be one of her better albums, and @Ameeraspeaks ... Why when someone wanna measure up to Mariah, Mary J, Toni, and Janet?? They are great musicians in their own right. Karyn White is there right beside them all. She doesnt want to be them....shes her own woman.

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  5. I really enjoy listening to Karyn back than. My father was a big fan of her's and I definitely like her new stuff as well. My favorites are "Dance Floor" "My Heart Cries" "Unbreakable" "Seize the Day" and "Heaven" All these songs have special meaning to me and she's definitely relateable. I agree with @Billlie and @Charles. She's ujnique and different and she knows her lane and she's rocking it in her lane. She's not trying to hit the high notes like Whitney or Mariah, and she's not trying to get low like Toni or Janet and she's not trying to be all depressed like Mary J. I respect that about her and if you think it's garbage, than you don't know real R&B when you hear it.

    1. Diddo! I mean, all the ladies are good for her to be MIA for 17 years (if I got that right) and than to drop a single and come back with an album, she's on point. I wish people wouldn't sleep on her! She's good and I can't wait til real R&B hits the air ways like that. "Sista Sista" needs to be played on the airways so these silly ass hoes wont be fighting over stupidness. #RIGHTON KARYN!