October 7th (TODAY) marks the 4 year anniversary of NEXXLEGACY radio being born. I wear my humble hat daily, and i need to thank those who have kept this journey strong, and will those who continue the legacy we all helped create. I started this with a dream and an idea, and you all kept it alive with different energy, and dedication. 4 years, and 900 shows is no joke. I wanna thank All the celebs ive had a hand in interviewing, all the celebs i continue to work with from Yukmouth to Kuzzo Fly - Also Thank you Phil Rodriguez (Phillie) for being the 1st co-host rockin wit me. Also Mr.Nscinse , Vernell Whitney (VfromVegas) - William Wsl Fortt  (W.S.L)- Yolanda Cotton Turner (Uttie) - Mr. A Butta - Richard H Anderson (BigRich) - We kept it all together because you all saw something we needed to do as a unit. From the bottom of my heart. Thank you to Desert Eagle, VPDeezy, KoolAid Blu, Joe, Bangelina, Kip (BlondeBaller) Candygirl CeCe, Mr.Nscinse, Bmo, Rageezy, and more who has molded and shaped the way we do radio. This started off as a table for one, and the invite for more came, and look where this has gotten us. I'm comfortable in the direction of this show product, and looking forward to showing the world what we stand for and the effort we are putting fourth to this legacy. I humbly thank those who have participated from the bottom of my heart. And know that GOD saw fit to put us in a direction where we not only became friends due to a common purpose, be built a strong foundation because in what we all believed in.  Celebrating 900 broadcasts, and 4 years has been and will continue to be an honor, and here to many many more memories.