Final Outlawz album, ThaOutlawz Announces Retirement

In the making the last few days, the news came down heavy on an April Fools day that thaOutlawz, as we know it....after the Perfect Timing Album will be done, as the group announces its retirement from this music business. This shocking move will end the historic run this group has had since the 90's. Who can we blame? Well one thing is for sure. You can blame the music industry, and the lack of support, and the lack is buzz the mainstream has given this group. We all know this music business is a cold game, and the sad thing about it is.......The hiphop culture has never given the amount of respect this group has deserved. I've been struggling to maintain a sense of media respect by not announcing this once i heard about this a few days ago. I just know from this media personality standpoint....this group will be one of the top 5 in music history hands down. So all you outlaw culture heads......i wanna thank you for the amount of time you put into this radio segment every friday. But after tonight......there will also be no more OUTLAW CULTURE RADIO on Friday nights anymore. I mean how can i? One of the greatest groups ever, signed this show will do the same.